I have found a serious of photographers, architects and artists that inspire my work and give me ideas regarding texture, placement and photographic techniques etc. They include:

  • Carl Warner: has created a series of ‘Foodscapes’, the idea to make food appear as a landscape. He has been comissioned by brands such as Tefal, Boss, Uncle Ben’s and Thatcher to create impacting imagery of ‘scapes’ as well as his own work which the use of food ranges from salami to lettuce. His work has inspired me to make the most of Photoshop and not to think it’s a ‘cop out’ to create impacting images. Furthermore, it inspires me to show that placement of a prop can be impacting to the overall image.
  • Marcus Nilson: created a series of photographs named ‘Guts of the Beast’. His work depicts ‘gruesome’photographs of offal. I took inspiration from his work as he depicts something that can make most uncomfortable, which the skull in my work could make people feel. However, he still gets a message across and makes the most use of simple props to encourage his overall idea.
  • Maciek Jasik: he described his work on ‘Secret Lives’ as “this series aims to reintroduce these mystical, invisible qualities to fruits and vegetables that have been lost amidst the clamor of nutritional statistics. Each offers its own indelible powers beyond our narrow habits of thought.”
  • Enrico Becker: he paired with Matt Harris to “challenge preconceptions of GMO’s and have a fun look into what Genetically Modified Food could look like.” I love his work as it challenges the norm and express colour clashes, something I think would be beneficial to my work to make my work more impacting.
  • Tim Hill: is a food photographer, I really like his use of lighting, photographic technique and especially capturing texture of each food subject. He works with a food stylist (Zoe) who also styles the props. Texture will be very important in my work to make the image impacting and realistic.



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