The Sunday Times Magazine Layout

From the beginning of my project, I’ve had a clear idea of how I’ve wanted my magazine layout to appear. I believe that my magazine would be best suited to magazines such as The Sunday Times Magazine. As a result, I viewed various layouts created for The Sunday Times Magazine, and allowed this to influence my work.

A Sunday Times Magazine Layout showing a woman on the left of the page. On the right of the page is a large quote. Underneath that is a small bio which puts the quote into context
Laura pictured left. Article about her family being slaughtered by The Congolese militia


On the left of the page is a black and white image of a man. On the right in the content supporting the image. The colour palette involves greys, whites and blacks.
‘A life in the day of Ole Nydahl’.

The articles shown above inspired the layout of the magazine. I tried to replicate the layout of number 2 by bleeding the image over the page. However, this did not leave room for the amount of text in my documentary style articles (‘To Dine for’, ‘What’s cooking?’ etc.) Therefore, to ensure my pages did not look cluttered I did not use this effect. However, I did bleed the image into the margins.

The placement of the text in number 1 inspired my work. I used a similar style for pull quotes and a short bio to partner with the editorial images. I liked the balance between image and text. The image on it’s own, leaves questions. The text alone leaves the reader confused to who Laura is, and what’s happened to her life. Together, they support each other to create an interesting read.


A Sunday Times Magazine layout which shows small details such as a pull quote box. I have used this example to show the direct similarities between my work and this layout.
I took note of the smaller details in this article. For example, the pull quote box and drop caps.

I took inspiration from the style of this magazine in respect to the small detail/the finishing touches. I took note of the drop caps (shown in the left page ‘W’), I believe that this showed a sophistication to the magazine as a whole. If the article should not have used a drop caps, not only would it lose this sophistication but the layout as a whole would be effected as it would look more like a report, or generic internet page than a glossy magazine. Furthermore, I paid attention to the pull quote and the formatting/design of the box. I had previously been used to pull quotes in a circle, filled with a block colour. I believed this would not look suitable for the Sunday Times magazine. By creating a similar style pull quote, it allowed the page to breathe and made direct similarities to my work, and my chosen platform.



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