‘To dine for’ Image Selection

For the article ‘To dine for’, I photographed Kevin Smith from several angles and experimented with the camera settings. I took over 100 photographs, but I was able to select the ones which showed the most potential. Each photograph held it’s own merits – composition, lighting, mood:

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It was difficult to make a choice out of this selection. I really liked the close up shots, but they lost the human interest angle that my project was following. By Kevin being included in the composition of the photograph – this focused on an everyday experience for food allergy sufferers. The image I chose to use in my magazine is followed:

Kevin Smith reading the allergens document, and comparing with the menu

This selection was made for a variety of reasons. Mainly, the composition of the photograph provided vivid, bright colours – similar to the colour palette used in my editorial work. Furthermore, I believed that the content of the article would be emphasised if it showed a human, in such a human interest article. The photograph shows Kevin comparing the food allergen document with the menu, and his expression is focused.


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