‘What’s cooking?’ Image Selection

For the article ‘What’s cooking?’, I photographed Kevin Smith from several angles and experimented with the camera settings. I took over 150 photographs, but I was able to select the ones which showed the most potential. The main difficulty with with taking the photographs was to focus on both Kevin, the pan and the ingredients. However, I believe I created a strong, shallow depth of field which provided more emphasis on the ingredients. The narrowed down photographs are:

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It was difficult to get Kevin’s full body in the photograph as I wanted a clear shot of the pan and ingredients. A solution to this problem was to photograph his hand/arm as he cooked. I did not see this as a disadvantage like the ‘To dine for’ images. The ‘What’s cooking?’ article was largely based on statistics and a general awareness of allergen-free costs. Unlike the emotive content in the article ‘To dine for’.

The image I chose was:

Kevin Smith cooking allergen-free pancakes

I chose this image as I used a shallow depth of field to make Kevin’s hand blurry, but still recognisable. This created more emphasis on the pan and ingredients. The focus was clean when picturing the images and all writing is legible. Furthermore, as the image had to fit one A4 page, a close-up shot was essential to display all the props used.



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