Collection of Sources and Secondary Information

I collected my interviewees through Facebook. I joined several food allergy groups and pages. Once I was accepted to join these pages, I put out a call for anybody who would be able to give me a first-hand account on what living with an allergy is like. I was surprised with the amount of sufferers that responded, and I was left to sift through material supplied by the interviewees to then determine the most powerful responses.

I asked the participants a series of questions designed to get detailed, powerful statements. The list of questions I used is below:

*Questions were altered should the participant be accounting their experience with their family members allergy*

  • What was your first experience like when you realised you had a food allergy?
  • How do you feel when you go to a restaurant for food?
  • Do you feel like their is a stigma attached to allergies? Do people take it seriously? Do you feel judged? Etc
  • How do you feel about your allergy?
  • What has been the worst experience(s) you’ve had with your allergy?
  • Do you feel like your allergy controls you or stops dreams/aspirations etc?
  • How has your lifestyle/decisions changed since adopting to an allergy?

I met Ellen Burnup in a supermarket, she is a family friend with a gluten intolerance.


Secondary sourced information:


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